What should I put in my teacher profile?

Students will make their first impression of you depending on your profile picture, you short bio, interests and skills. Make sure you upload a good quality picture of 300 x 300 pixels. In your bio, describe your practical, professional or academic experience that validates your qualifications as a teacher. Students are interested in learning about your motivation to teach, as well as how you have gained your expertise and knowledge. It's very important that you include your skills and interests in tags in order to facilitate students' searches.

Instructors Faqs

  1. Why teach at Teachlr.com?
  2. How do I become an instructor on Teachlr?
  3. What should I put in my teacher profile?
  4. How can I make my profile more attractive to increase traffic and sales?
  5. Can anybody become an instructor?
  6. Can I teach and learn at the same time?
  7. Do I own the copyright of material I upload?
  8. How do I make money on Teachlr?
  9. How are payments processed on Teachlr?
  10. What should I charge for my online courses?
  11. How and when do I get paid?
  12. What are the categories or topics of courses on Teachlr?
  13. How do I know what I can and can’t post on Teachlr?
  14. If my course is already uploaded and available in another platform, can I upload it to Teachlr?
  15. How is the structure of online courses on Teachlr?
  16. What are the types of lessons that courses have?
  17. Tips to record and edit videos for your online course
  18. Is there a limit on how much material can I upload?
  19. What is the ideal format and resolution for my videos?
  20. What makes a good title?
  21. What size should the cover image of your online course should be?
  22. What should I include in my promotional video?
  23. Can I publish a paid course importing all lessons from YouTube?
  24. How do I publish my course on Teachlr?
  25. What are the requirements that I must fulfill so my course is approved?
  26. Why can't I see my recently published course on Teachlr?
  27. Why was was my course unapproved?
  28. How do I know if a new student has joined my course?
  29. How do I respond to questions in my courses?
  30. What are the benefits of using my public channel?
  31. How can I prevent other users from using my material?
  32. Is there any way I can dispute a negative rating or comment?
  33. Can I delete a course I have published?

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